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“There is an amazingly diverse community who enjoy their lives as an immigrant in Boston and other parts of this beautiful country. We connect through Hollywood/Bollywood, native food of their country & immigrant life here. I’m happy to be on the right path listening & connecting to others with an open heart.” -Razia Mashkoor Founder/CEO – BDCTV

BDCTV is an online TV, 24/7 live broadcast from Boston. It is based on Hollywood/Bollywood, food, Fusion Food and a life of immigrants here in this beautiful country. Boston is a brilliant place where you meet all kind of academic as well as culturally talent.

With all the diversity here, we wanted to bridge a connection with them & create a platform to showcase their talent, their stories/passion and creativity in all the different fields. My biggest challenge I was faced with is finding a way to connect diversity and unify it. 

Razia Mashkoor Founder/CEO – BDCTV

?We interview people who successfully and purposefully manage their passions to produce positive results, cover community events and are always looking for partners to grow together on our platform.

We have a wide range of creative production. Our 24/7 live channel welcomes stories that inspire others.


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