In our free eBook “10 Ways to Grow your Business Online in 2021” – You will find 10 great tips on how to make your business stand out in 2021. Starting this week, we will go even further into each of the 10 Tips and give you more information on how you can use each for your business.

This massive shift to doing everything online (especially shopping) has forced businesses to up their website game. Think of your website as a very important first impression you will make to all of your potential (and very judgy) customers. Since you only have moments to “win” someone over, your website must answer the question “what’s in it for me” right away or they will move on. 

What makes up a good website?

-Clear Navigation: It should be very easy for someone to find exactly the information they are looking for.

-Less is more: Don’t crowd your website with lots of paragraphs of text, instead use short, catchy phrases and clear headlines that are easy to read and understand.

-Call-to-Action: Make sure you have a nice layout with a clear call to action such as a “Submit,” “Sign up,” “Learn More,” or “Contact Us” button on every page.

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