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“The field changes like the wind. And we bend and sway with it – but we like to be out in front waiting for that wind to blow right where we know it will.” -Kevin Bruneau, founder of Bruneau and Co. Auctioneers

Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers are purveyors of fine art and antiques worldwide, implementing state of the art technology reaching millions of potential customers around the globe.

Whether you’re settling an estate or selling your collection, Bruneau & Co Auctioneers are the trusted auctioneers for all your estate needs. We are passionate about the past…. working smarter for your future.

Kevin Bruneau, the founder of Bruneau and Co. Auctioneers is an antiques aficionado having professionally been involved with antiques since 1992, when he first operated two antiques stores. Known throughout the East Coast antiques circuit, Bruneau co-owned and managed a regional auction house fro 2002 to 2008, while also co-owning and managing an upscale consignment shop from 2005 to 2007. 

After the sale of the auction house in December of 2008, Kevin returned to his 1998 roots of selling on eBay, becoming the antique powerhouse known as “bkcranston”. He successfully orchestrated weekly online sales only offering the finest selection of antiques and Asian arts. 

In 2011, Kevin began his cross country antiquing tour having been a co-star of the hit PBS series Market Warriors.

Present day, Kevin continues to travel countless miles every week all across the map pursuing antiques for his ever changing inventory continually amassing a stellar network of dealers, appraisers, and auctioneers to better serve his clientele. Together with his skilled staff, and years of vast experience, Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers is Rhode Island’s premier auction gallery, and known worldwide.

“Every one of my sales is like a production. Every one of my sales is an event.”

The business of auctions has changed so much, and continues to change, and we have to change with it – even anticipate where it’s going to be – next year – and be ready for it.

The biggest change is in technology. The entire business of auctions switched from live, in-gallery auctions, which is still a staple of our business, to online sales, and we offer these two platforms combined, in real time. Today 50-60% of the sales are online, through nine international platforms, taking bids from all over the world. To accommodate that, we ship about half of those sales out of the country.

What sells is also a changing commodity. What no longer sells easily? The list includes dark, carved wooden furniture, the kind that most Americans inherit from grandparents or aging parents, Hummel figurines and entertainment centers? No one wants them – because everyone has or had them. 

What is valuable? Toys and comic books, particularly the 12- and 10-cent Silver Age comics, and Japanese cars restored to 1980s glory, such as Subarus and the Nissan Z-series. And unique collectibles. 

The field changes like the wind. And we bend and sway with it – but we like to be out in front waiting for that wind to blow right where we know it will.

We offer full appraisal services; estate services, consignment and auctions of antiques, art, fine art, unique items and collectibles – and comics and toys.

Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers is located at 63 Fourth Avenue, Cranston RI 02910

We work with attorneys, real estate professionals, investors, and and fine art and antiques aficionado. We also work with other auction houses, collectors, and artists. No one is excluded from what we do. Our Monday night “DiscoverIt Auctions” have price points where it is something for everyone. Our Saturday auctions are more for the professional collector.

We also advise on how to get into collecting as a hobby. And we educate and educate, speaking free of charge at many venues throughout the region.