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After visiting Arizona when I realized that many in my family and community were similarly white-knuckling their way through their lives, I wished I had a way to share this transformative experience here in Westboro, MA. I am thrilled that my dream is now a reality. -Linda Townsend, Release Well-being Center

Release Well-Being Center, in Westborough Massachusetts, is a place to inspire people to make a commitment to self care and then help them on the journey to optimum well-being. Located on Turnpike Road in the historic Nathan Fisher House, Release offers a myriad of wellness programs and experiences that promote embracing inner strength and power. The yoga, fitness and meditation classes are led by world-class instructors. The new state-of-the-art spa includes a eucalyptus steam room, aromatherapy relaxation room, sun sauna, infrared sauna, Himalayan salt room, chromotherapy showers and mineral spa.

The innovative menu of massage, facials, and energy healing treatments promote relaxation and healing. The cafe and cooking classes provide on-site nourishment as well as the ability to take healthy eating home. Release’s community of experts in mindful and healthy living are not only incredibly talented, they are also passionate about the mission to promote self-care. That passion has infused the members and now they have joined the mission to help others understand that self care is not selfish.

Linda Townsend, Founder of Release Well-being Center

My dream to open a holistic wellness center began 17 years ago when I visited Canyon Ranch in Tucson. As a new mom with a demanding job I had a lot on my plate. I worked long hours, caring for my husband and child, giving time and energy to support extended family, friends and my community. I felt good about myself as a doer and a giver but, felt exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. While in Tucson, I immersed myself in the many wellness offerings including exercise, meditation, nutrition counseling, tapping, positive mantras, cranial sacral therapy and more!

This was truly a life-changing experience, and I felt amazing as I boarded the plane home. And that feeling has had staying power because the light bulb finally went on about the importance of taking care of myself. Prior to my trip I put everyone’s else’s needs first and if there was a window of time after that, I did something for myself. After my trip, I changed my whole outlook and now understand that I must prioritize my self care. After visiting Canyon Ranch when I realized that many in my family and community were similarly white-knuckling their way through their lives, I wished I had a way to share this transformative experience. I am thrilled that my dream is now a reality.

I had been thinking about opening a holistic wellness center for about 15 years, before I finally decided to pursue it. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Was it the right time in the market? Could I receive financing? I also wasn’t sure I had the courage or band-width to make it happen. And so I teetered on the edge of indecision. During the summer of 2104 I finally wrote a business plan and committed to trying. I was pleasantly surprised the Avidia Bank decided to back my venture. I also discovered some great resources to support my journey: Krosslink, Score, The Corridor 9 chamber of commerce and the Economic development committee – so I took the plunge and committed to pursuing my dream. The next challenges were finding the right location for my project. This took over a year as there weren’t any viable properties on the market at that time. When the Nathan Fisher House came up for bid by the town of Westborough it was a dream come true. The beautiful historic home, the location on route 9, and the land to build the rest of the facility from the ground up were perfect for my vision.


At the start of this New Year, Release is offering a special transformational program promoting their mission; self care. The 21 Days to Bliss program is 21 days because that’s how long it takes to form a new habit. Research shows that people find it more enjoyable and are more successful at achieving goals when they work on them within the camaraderie of a group. The program includes four group meetings which are facilitated by a wellness coach, food and nutrition expert, yoga and meditation instructor and fitness trainer. The program kicks off with a fire ceremony where you write down what you want to invoke and what you want to release and then put it into the fire and send it out into the universe. People can explore what obstacles are standing in the way of their well-being, and to put together a plan to start working towards their life goals. Participating in the program allows participants to have full access to all of our classes and Bliss for one month. Each session includes group work, and demonstrations and education for each component: food and nutrition, yoga, meditation and fitness. The information builds throughout the program, and each participant is also assigned a buddy who will hold them accountable. It is truly transformational. People come out of that program committed to their self care. This program is about finding the strength within, and making lasting changes. The truth is that self care isn’t optional.