In a strategic move to drum up anticipation and visibility for the upcoming album “Defectum Omnium”​, a meticulously planned billboard ad campaign was launched across several key U.S. locations. ​

Using Cidewalk Digital Billboards, this band was able to create a multifaceted approach ​to capture​ their audience’s attention and bolster the album’s debut.

The goal was clear: to maximize the album’s visibility and engage potential listeners by​ selecting billboards in critical ​locations to​ raise album awareness and drive album sales upon release.

Strategic Execution:
The campaign featured dynamic billboard ads strategically placed in high-visibility areas within Cincinnati, OH; Metairie, LA; Arlington, TX; Cleveland, OH; Chicago, IL; Oakland, CA; New Jersey; and Tampa, FL. These locations were chosen based on their demographic alignment with the target audience and historical receptiveness to music releases.

Creative Execution:
The banner ad, designed to resonate with the album’s theme and aesthetic, featured compelling visuals and messaging to captivate passersby and imprint the album’s brand. The placement timing was optimized to ensure maximum exposure leading up to the release date.

​E​xperience the power of targeted outdoor advertising​ by selecting a digital billboard near you!

Happy Promoting!
Taylor Brady,
Cidewalk GeoFencing & Billboard Expert

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