Are you looking to promote your business with impactful billboard ads but unsure which plan fits your needs? At Cidewalk, we offer flexible daily budgets to suit businesses of all sizes.

Here’s a breakdown of our three levels of daily budgets:

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1. Entry Level: $10/Day

Perfect for small businesses or those just starting with billboard advertising, our entry-level plan allows your ad to be shown 10 times a day during operating hours. This means your ad will appear approximately once every hour, giving your brand consistent visibility throughout the day.

2. Business: $50/Day

For growing businesses looking for more exposure, our business plan provides a substantial boost. With this plan, your ad will be displayed 50 times a day, roughly five times each hour. This increased frequency helps ensure that your message reaches a broader audience, driving more traffic and engagement.

3. Premium: $100/Day

Our premium plan is designed for enterprises or businesses seeking maximum exposure. At $100 a day, your ad will be shown 100 times daily, approximately 10 times each hour. This level of visibility is ideal for businesses aiming to dominate their market and make a strong impact.

Choosing the Right Plan

Selecting the right plan depends on your business goals and budget. The entry-level plan is a great starting point, the business plan offers significant growth potential, and the premium plan provides the highest level of exposure for those ready to take their advertising to the next level.

Why Cidewalk?

At Cidewalk, we provide more than just basic ad displays. Our platform offers scalable solutions to fit your business needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your advertising budget. Whether you’re aiming for a modest start or ready to go big, we have a plan that’s right for you.

Don’t let confusion hold you back. Choose the daily budget that fits your business and watch your visibility soar with Cidewalk’s tailored billboard ad campaigns.

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