“Cidewalk really has created a platform for ALL business sizes,”  says Katrina Burson of Smash Pit “Cidewalk is the only platform that has actually resulted in bookings for my business!

This week, we bring you an inspiring success story from one of our valued advertisers, Katrina Burson of Smash Pit, who has masterfully utilized Cidewalk’s Self-Service Ad Platform to elevate her business to new heights.

Highlighting Success: Smash Pit’s Journey with Cidewalk

Katrina stumbled upon Cidewalk through an online search, seeking an advertising solution tailored for businesses of all sizes. Her experience with our platform has been nothing short of transformative, offering her a cost-effective avenue to reach her local community effectively.

 What Makes Cidewalk Stand Out?

“Cidewalk really has created a platform for ALL business sizes,” Katrina shares. Her journey underscores the accessibility and effectiveness of our mobile ads and retargeting services, designed with the small business owner in mind. The remarkable results and the exceptional customer service have set Cidewalk apart, making it a go-to marketing tool for Katrina and many others.

 A Testimonial Worth Sharing

Katrina’s powerful endorsement speaks volumes: “Cidewalk is the only platform that has actually resulted in bookings for my business! Not Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.” This testament is a beacon for all small business owners searching for a reliable, result-oriented advertising platform.

 Meet Smash Pit: A Unique Business Experience

Smash Pit Business Sign

Located in Southern Maryland, Smash Pit (https://smash-pit.com) offers a one-of-a-kind rage room experience, providing an unparalleled outlet for stress relief and fun. Katrina’s innovative business model, combined with strategic use of Cidewalk, has propelled Smash Pit to become the premiere destination for those looking to unleash their inner destroyer in a safe and enjoyable environment.

 Embrace the Cidewalk Advantage

Inspired by Katrina’s success? It’s your turn to harness the power of Cidewalk to reach your target audience, build your brand, and achieve your business goals. Our platform is designed to support your growth, regardless of the size of your business or budget.

Dive into the world of effective advertising with Cidewalk and experience the difference firsthand. Your business deserves to be seen and celebrated – let’s make it happen together at www.cidewalk.com 

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