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Unlike flyers and traditional banners ads, customers are now preferring a new way to connect with businesses that creats an instant connection.  You can now do this our our new text message ads.  Text message ads bring the consumer directly to you.  Take control of the conversation right from your phone as soon as someone is interested in your business.  Here are 3 things to keep in mind when you’re chatting with your text leads.

1.  Don’t slam the door – start a conversation

​The most common (ineffective) response advertisers use in their text leads is, “check out my website for more information”.  With text ads, you have a unique opportunity to talk directly to your potential customers one on one, don’t slam the door in their face by just sending them to your website right away.  Take the opportunity to get to know your customers and give them what they want and maybe even close the sale right there.

2.  Drop the small talk – get to the point

​When you receive a lead, be straightforward. This is not the time for, “hello” and “how are you”.  The user is looking for helpful and informative information regarding your ad, reply with features, options and any promotions you may be offering.  Before hitting send, ask a relevant question to kick start a conversation.  If you receive a reply, you will know that the conversation is going in the right direction.

3.  Don’t rush the sale – take time to understand the customer

Don’t try to sell your product or service during your first conversation. Offer help and assistance or guidance.  For example:

Don’t say: “We have a water mug for ”
Instead say: “We have several water mugs with custom designs. I can help you find the right one.”

Next, ask questions that are super easy and quick for people to answer. Most importantly, keep the conversation simple and straightforward.

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