NYC has always been known as the city that never sleeps but is the never-ending night life limited to just those in the city alone, what about the rest of New York? 

To find out, we analyzed app usage data throughout the day in CA and NY to see how late people used their phones and also early morning use. Our findings were very interesting to say the least! California had certain times of the day that were more active than others which was somewhat expected, but we saw something completely different in NY.

There appears to be a steady flow of high mobile app usage that does not dip much throughout the day in all of NY. So what do people do in NY that keeps them from down time? Perhaps we’ll never know but we can say for sure, they are spending a good amount of their time on their phones!

That is good news for businesses trying to reach people, esp in New York.. a place we should now consider the “state that doesn’t sleep” not just the city.