At Cidewalk we see thousands of ads go by and we have to ask ourselves, “Why should I care?” Why? Because your potential customers are also asking themselves the very same thing when they see your ads. 

People are looking for what value your product or service brings to them. Here’s a tip…

When creating your ad, think about the problem you’re solving. Your customers will start to take notice when you can offer a solution to their problem. How you can make sure your ad does this?

✔️Address their pain point
✔️Offer a solution that can solve it

Here are some value ad examples:

Ad 1: YOUR HOME MAKEOVER! Get a FREE quote from us today.
Ad 2: Are you Beach Ready? Drop by for a FREE Gym session.
Ad 3: Drafty Windows? Window replacements at low cost. Click to learn more.

Test your ad skills here & find out your ad grade 

Happy Promoting!
Taylor Brady,
Cidewalk Advertiser Success Specialist

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