MYTH: Your ad does all the work for you, if a user clicks they are ready to buy something.

We’ve already covered how to create a good ad, now lets talk Part 2: What really happens when someone clicks on your ad. A click to your ad does not seal the deal, it’s only half the battle.

FACT: You’ll still need to prove to the user that you have something they need.

Think of your ad as the header/teaser of your article. When the user clicks on your ad they will still expect to learn more about you, give them what they are looking for.

Send your user straight to a checkout page.

Continue the conversation with more information about your business. 

For example, when someone comes to us for more information on how to quickly get started, one of the pages we send them to is our Tour page. This gives them a chance to see the 5 quick steps to creating an ad before signing up.

Happy Promoting!
Taylor Brady,
Cidewalk Advertiser Success Specialist

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