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Walk into any gym to inquire about a membership and you will most likely experience hard selling tactics. Hard selling can be an aggressive approach that jumps right to the point of making the sale right there on the spot.  The gym manager might tell you that if you sign up for a year, you will save money and that, oh yeah, the sale ends today.  This tactic not only keeps you long term, it also comes with an expiration so that you will need to sign up right then and there. Although this is a pushy commitment, a hard sell may work here because the appeal of a gym is obvious and you already walked in to the door.

But would this strategy work when someone responds to your mobile online ad?  Since you don’t see this person face to face, it will be difficult to know exactly where to start your sales pitch. Remember, your ad found the user. Not the other way around. So you will need to first, build a relationship to get a feel for the potential customer and how interested they really are.  You do this by nurturing the conversation with the lead.  Once you get a response, you will have a better idea which direction to proceed.  

Good news. With Cidewalk, you don’t need to resort to hard sales tactics with a brute forced message. Cidewalk helps business owners get in touch with potential customers through text message leads. When you receive a text lead through your Cidewalk mobile ad,  you will want to take the nurturing approach.

How to nurture a lead:
– Ask easy questions and start a conversation
-Don’t push the customer away by simply sending a link to your website
-Offer helpful no pressure advice and recommendations

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