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Have you ever heard the expression, “Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week”? Small business owners are known for having limited time on their hands, and while resource-hogging tasks like marketing are important, they’re also, well, resource-hogs. If you don’t yet have the time or money to hire an entire marketing team, you’ll want to take a look at this list we’ve compiled of the most efficient ways to effectively market your business without spending a ton of time on it.

1. Google Adwords Express
If your business has a physical location or a radius of service, you can use AdWords Express to set up an ad and have it running in just a few minutes. Google automatically pairs your ad with keywords related to your industry, so people searching for related things in your general location will see your ad. As your business grows, you can graduate to a regular AdWords account that allows you to choose your own keywords and target particular audiences.

2. Cidewalk
How could I leave this one out? Cidewalk is my favorite method for promoting small businesses, but I’ll admit that I’m biased! Download the app, write two lines about your business, and choose how many people you want to see your ad. Cidewalk automatically pushes your promotion to mobile users in your town, who start hearing about your business in as little as five minutes. Not only is it time-effective, but cost-effective too: You can start advertising your small business for as little as one dollar. 

3. Social Media
Social media can be a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be. Have a special or a sale running this week? Let your Facebook followers know with a simple two-line status. Or post a photo directly to Twitter while you’re at the local small business expo. With the advent of smartphone apps, you don’t even need to own a PC to curate your social content! Social media is the ultimate on-the-go tool you can use to promote your small business, so be sure to take full advantage.


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