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Even though Millennial bank accounts aren’t big, our dreams are. We’re not exactly rolling in dough, but we’re also not pushing to become the go-fer to fulfill someone else’s lame goal. Sound like you too? Crack open your laptop, grab your smartphone, and download the five best new mobile apps for young (aka broke) business owners that allow you to run your business on whatever budget you have.

1. Accounting and Invoices: FreshBooks

Every business has something to sell, including yours. Make sure you get your money with FreshBooks. Send digital invoices, keep track of billable hours, and do all of your own accounting by listing business expenses as they come in. The best part: everything is saved in the cloud, so even if you lose your phone, you don’t lose your entire financial history (and your mind). [iOS | Android]

2. Advertising: Cidewalk

Once you have financials in order, it’s time to advertise. Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive, though — you can make it one of the cheapest parts of your budget. Use Cidewalk to promote your business to mobile users in your town for only a dollar. Yeah, that’s right. Advertise in return for the change you can find in your couch cushions. You can’t even print flyers at Staples for that cheap. [iOS | Android | Web]

3. Networking: CamCard Free

Networking is where you can strike gold, but only if you remember which of your leads was hot and which were duds. CamCard is essentially a digital rolodex that automatically imports your new acquaintance’s name, title, and contact information when you snap a photo of their business card. And you can finally recycle physical business cards into wood chips or something else, like, sustainable. [iOS | Android]

4. Video Conferencing: Skype

There are a multitude of video conferencing tools out there, but there is a reason Skype hasn’t disappeared. As long as your mobile connection is good, your Skype call will be clear. Plus, you won’t have to prompt your clients into downloading some newfangled app — most are already familiar with Skype and its handy desktop option, so you can speak with them on-the-go even if they’re still rocking a flip phone. [iOS | Android]

5. Downtime: Netflix

Every business owner needs a break once in a while. Go ahead, binge watch House of Cards. You’ve earned it. [iOS | Android]



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