Wed, 03 Jun 2015 06:53:03 -0700

Lately, we’ve been getting a ton of feedback about our plan options on Cidewalk. Most of you asked for some way to get even more impressions than we offered. So now we’ve opened it up to you, our users: instead of choosing from a pre-set plan that we create, now you can pick your own plan – from the total lifetime budget, to the maximum daily budget, and even to the number of days you want it to run!

Plans start at just , but you can spend up to on each promotion you want to run. That’s a million views!

Pick-your-plan is simple:

  1. Log in at
  2. Create your promotion and choose the “Express” plan option at the bottom of the plans page
  3. Pick your budget, pay, and launch!
Want to boost your web traffic for a day? Pick our preset that gets you 10,000 promotion views over the course of the day. Want to promote a huge event and sell more tickets? The sky’s the limit!

Have fun playing with the new Express option and launching your promotions, on your budget – whatever it may be.


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