Wed, 03 Jun 2015 06:59:12 -0700

With the most hectic period of the holiday season winding down, now is the perfect time to circle the wagons and get your small business set up for success in 2015. Often, it only takes a few tweaks to see a noticeable increase in the areas that matter: procuring new customers, and getting them to come back more than once.

Run through the checklist below to make sure you and your small business are 2015-ready.


Use Google Webmaster Tools to check for broken links, and see where you stand on Search Engine Results Pages using tools like BrightEdge or Moz.


Get your Mobile strategy in gear: 90% of American adults use a mobile phone according to Pew Internet Research. Promoting your business with a new tool like Cidewalk can give you the edge over your competition – the early bird gets the worm! (And the customers.)


Start curating your email list if you haven’t already. Keeping up with customers across multiple touchpoints can be a powerful weapon in driving return visits. In terms of outreach,MailChimp is an affordable option; Constant Contact is the most well-known


Look at your site’s Google Analytics trends from 2014 – remember, they could be seasonal, daily, or hourly! Optimize your 2015 advertising and promotional strategy to take advantage of naturally high-traffic periods, and increase traffic during slow periods


Commit to reading at least one new blog post per week. Use an RSS reader like Feedly to keep all of your favorite news sources in one place.



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