Every business needs to advertise their products and services, but showing your ad to the wrong audience is wasted ad spend. That’s where Geofencing comes in. Geofencing allows you to set up a virtual perimeter in a specific location where your potential customers are and only show your ad there.

It’s not just about displaying your business ad anywhere, and all kinds of businesses are using the power of Geofencing to target specific customers.

Here is how a real estate company is using Geofencing by Cidewalk to target their customers and grow their business:

With Cidewalk, we offer even more options as well:  

  • Set a Geofence around a location and set a radius (1, 2, 5 miles or more)
  • Change the target location and ad copy anytime
  • Start and stop your ads to coincide with your events

Happy Promoting!
Taylor Brady,
Cidewalk Advertiser Success Specialist

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