Most marketers, even experienced gurus, tend to fall into the “benefits vs features” trap, while drafting an effective ad copy.  As marketers we have this urge to list and highlight the set of key features about our service or product while creating the ad copy.  However, we tend to forget that our customers mainly care for the benefits. Whats in it for me? is the question at the back of their minds while viewing an ad.

As an advertiser on Cidewalk, you can be sure that your ad will reach the right users, that is, users in the town you had selected. However what gets displayed to the user and how the user will react to the ad they saw depends on the ad copy.  It is worth putting in the extra effort to draft an ad copy that end users can relate to.

Features simply define what your product is all about, such as what it can do, its shape, the technology behind it, etc. Where as benefits highlight what a product can actually accomplish for the end user.  The good news is that features can be transformed into benefits.

For example,  high gas mileage on a car is feature. Money saved on gas is a benefit that end users care about. 

So while creating the ad copy, take off your sellers hat, and put on your customers cap, and think about what they care for.  Cidewalk’s  hyper local geo-targeting ad platform will take care of the rest.

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