Wed, 03 Jun 2015 06:59:02 -0700

You spoke and we listened! Now in addition to creating your promotions on-the-go with our mobile app, you can also create the same promotions from the comfort of your own home or business computer. That’s right: The Cidewalk Web App is finally here!

Now, you can create Cidewalk promotions on the web at Check out some frequently asked questions about the Web App below, or log in now to try it out!

Q: Is the Cidewalk Web App different from the smartphone app?

A: The Cidewalk Web App works the same way as our iOS and Android mobile apps do, except that you don’t have to use a smartphone to access it. Any updates made to the smartphone apps will also be made to the Web App.

Q: Will my promotions be shown to a different audience if I use the Web App?

A: No. Your promotions will always be shown to the people in the town you want to target!

Q: Will my promotions now show up only on the web, instead of on smartphone apps?

A: Nope! Your promotions will always appear on some of the most popular smartphone apps your customers are using, like Angry Birds, Pandora, and The Weather Channel.

Still have questions about the Cidewalk Web App, or want to send us more suggestions? Just email us at! Remember: When you speak, we listen.



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