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“After almost 20 years in the tech industry, Tom decided to make a change from software to the world of authentic Italian cuisine ? and Tomasso Trattoria was born 

Tomasso Trattoria is a full service restaurant serving authentic regional Italian cuisine and wine in an elegant but casual atmosphere. Many of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and fishermen.

Tomasso Trattoria was founded in 2004 by Tom and Mary Prince. Tom had been working in the high tech industry for nearly 20 years and decided to make a change from the “virtual” world of software and computers to the “sensual” world of food and hospitality. On family trips to Italy, Tom and Mary, longtime residents of Metrowest, became inspired to bring authentic Italian cuisine and culture back home to an area dominated by franchises, chains, and “red sauce” Italian-American restaurants. The idea was to introduce a high level of ambiance, service, wine and food to the Metrowest dining scene.

Several years after Tomasso opened we started to increasingly focus on where our food was coming from and how it was raised. We take great pride in the fact that we support responsible producers that treat the land, the sea, the animals, and their workers with care. We have also had a consistent focus on wine as a major component of the Italian dining experience at Tomasso. Our 100% Italian wine program offers a wide range of price points and flavor profiles and we are always striving to educate our customers, both formally and informally, on the wines of Italy.

Our goal, as it always has been, is to provide a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable side-by-side, whether it is a formal business dinner, a romantic night out, a meal with the kids, or just a pizza or burger and glass of wine at the bar.

Challenges we’ve faced was convincing people that a high quality restaurant exists out in MetroWest is a constant challenge. 

Product or service deals/promotions you are currently offering
Tomasso Rewards is a points-based loyalty program that allows customers to build dining credits. We offer a Happy Hour deal from 4-6PM every weekday.

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