Why do SMBs like Cidewalk’s FlexPlans? 

Danny Mullis from Mullis Garage Doors in Concord, NC said:
“With Cidewalk I don’t have to worry about committing to a large $5000+ ad spend upfront.”

There’s finally a way anyone can get their own ad or message on a digital billboard anywhere without the expensive upfront costs. With Cidewalk’s FlexPlan, you set your OWN budget and ONLY pay for the ads displayed each day. If there’s any unplayed ads you will see them the next day!

1. Choose your billboard
2. Create/upload your ad
3. Set your budget

Want to be on additional billboards at the same time? Just create another campaign!
Get started with Cidewalk’s Billboard Flex Plan here.

“After exploring Cidewalk’s capabilities, we realized it was the missing puzzle piece for our marketing campaign.” – Mahima Hurkat, LoganData