MarTech Boston got geofenced

Thanks to Hyper Local Geofence enabled mobile ads we are able to to deliver full targeted exposure to one of our clients interested in reaching MarTech Boston attendees. Objective Target and reach MarTech Attendees. Strategy A three prong approach using Geo-Fencing:  Main Venue: A geo fenced campaign targeting the conference Read more…

Set & View your GeoFenced Footprint

Are you using Cidewalk’s hyper-local geo-fencing technology to reach the people in the right location? Geo Fencing lets you choose exactly where you want to show your mobile ad and Cidewalk’s daily reports will show you exactly where your ad was seen.  Set your target and view your GeoFenced ads footprint in the Real-Time Activity Feed:

Set your Multi-Location 🎯

Who says your customers are located in just one spot? Limiting your reach could limit your business growth. Now, target multiple locations with hyper targeting geofencing precision  Find out which plan offers you the number of locations you need.  Don’t forget! Every 3rd month FREE with 1-2-FREE from Cidewalk