Get Ready for Summer Events with Cidewalk’s Billboard Ads!

As summer approaches, the excitement of outdoor events, festivals, and gatherings is in the air. For businesses, organizations, and event planners, this season presents a golden opportunity to reach a wide audience and create memorable experiences. At Cidewalk, we understand the importance of getting the word out effectively, and our DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) billboard ads are the perfect solution for your summer promotional needs.

Why Choose Billboard Ads for Your Summer Events?

  • High Visibility: Billboard ads are strategically placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum exposure for your event.
  • Wide Reach: Whether it’s a local festival, a concert, or a community event, billboard ads can reach diverse audiences in your target area.
  • Engaging and Impactful: With bold visuals and concise messaging, billboard ads capture attention quickly and leave a lasting impression.

Tips for Creating an Effective Billboard Ad

  1. Keep It Simple: Your message should be clear and straightforward. Focus on the key details – the event name, date, location, and a compelling call to action.
  2. Bold Visuals: Use high-quality images or graphics that resonate with your event’s theme. Bright colors and large fonts can help your ad stand out.
  3. Short and Sweet: Remember, viewers only have a few seconds to read your ad. Keep text minimal – aim for 7 words or less.
  4. Call to Action: Include a clear and actionable message, such as “Join Us,” “Buy Tickets,” or “Learn More at [your website].”
  5. Consistency: Ensure that your billboard ad aligns with your overall branding and other promotional materials.

How to Get Started with Cidewalk

  1. Choose Your Location: Select prime billboard locations that align with your target audience’s daily routes.
  2. Design Your Ad: Use our easy-to-use design tools or upload your own creative designs. Need help? Our design team is here to assist.
  3. Launch Your Campaign: Set your campaign duration and launch. Our team will handle the rest, ensuring your ad gets the attention it deserves.

With Cidewalk’s DOOH billboard ads, you can effectively promote your summer events and reach a larger audience than ever before. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your event the highlight of the season!

Ready to Get Started?

Visit today to learn more and launch your billboard ad campaign. Let’s make this summer unforgettable together!