Should you use the same marketing strategy reaching other businesses as you would consumers?

You may have a great marketing pitch for targeting new customers all set and ready to go but you may be surprised to find out that your message should not be based on your business but rather who your target audience is.

A consumer will consider a purchase based on how it makes them feel, so you may want to take a more emotional approach and sell to their heart. However when selling to another business (B2B), they will focus on key features of the product or service and take a more thought out, logical approach. This can also be more difficult since the final purchase typically needs the approval of one or more people in the organization.

Keeping target customization in mind is especially important when setting up your geofenced local advertising campaigns. You will have approximately 3 seconds to get the users attention with your marketing pitch. With Cidewalk’s self-service platform, you can create and view your ad before you launch or pay!