Success Story:

Client: Logan Data
Industry: Data Integration and Cloud Solutions
Campaign: Digital Billboard Marketing

Overview: Logan Data, a leader in cloud and data integration solutions, aimed to enhance their marketing efforts through a digital billboard campaign. They needed a platform that was easy to use, flexible, and provided real-time reporting. Cidewalk proved to be the perfect fit.


  • Finding a straightforward and flexible marketing platform that can be accessed and managed by a cross functinal team, located in US and India
  • Managing campaign budgets effectively.
  • Accessing real-time data to track campaign performance.

Solution: Cidewalk offered a seamless and user-friendly platform that allowed Logan Data’s marketing team to quickly get started with their campaign. The platform’s flexibility in setting daily budgets, selecting and updating billboard locations, and accessing real-time reports was crucial for their success.


  • Ease of Use: The intuitive interface enabled Logan Data’s team to launch their campaign with just a few clicks.
  • Flexibility: They were able to set and adjust daily budgets, ensuring cost control and maximizing ROI.
  • Location Selection: The platform allowed for easy selection and updating of billboard locations, providing strategic placement for maximum visibility.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Cidewalk provided access to real-time reports, showcasing how many times the ad was displayed, as well as when and where it was seen.

Client Testimonial:

“After exploring Cidewalk’s capabilities, we realized it was the missing puzzle piece for our marketing campaign. With excitement brewing, we set out to infuse our brand’s essence into a captivating design, and outlined our motto: ‘We transform data into opportunity’.Collaborating with our talented graphic designer, we crafted a billboard that truly embodied Logan Data’s spirit. With the design finalized, uploading it onto Cidewalk was a breeze. Guided by our sales director, Joe, and my colleague, Cameron, I was able to spot the right locations on the map and even had the flexibility to choose multiple screens for maximum impact. With everything in place, we selected two prime spots in Boston and launched our digital billboard campaign in just a few clicks.

The interface was user-friendly, and Tammy and the support team at Cidewalk were very accommodating. Overall, our experience with Cidewalk was fantastic! The interface was flexible, so we were able to customize our campaign according to our needs. The support team was top-notch, and Tammy was exceptional. She made sure that we were satisfied with the campaign and that everything ran smoothly.

It’s not just my efforts that got the success but the efforts of everyone who has put their views, ideas, and guidance in any form. I want to express my appreciation to the Cidewalk team and to the Logan data team, who came up with the idea and helped me till the completion of the campaign. I have two words to describe my experience – fun and flexible, just like Cidewalk itself. We look forward to using Cidewalk for our future campaigns.”

– Mahima Hurkat, LoganData. 

Results: The digital billboard campaign was launched smoothly and effectively. The ability to adjust budgets and locations on the fly, combined with detailed real-time reporting, allowed Logan Data to optimize their campaign continuously. The insights provided by Cidewalk’s reporting tools helped them understand the impact of their ads and make informed decisions.

Conclusion: Logan Data’s successful digital billboard campaign, facilitated by Cidewalk, highlights the platform’s ease of use, flexibility, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. This case study underscores how Cidewalk can streamline brand marketing initiatives for businesses, providing the tools needed for effective and efficient campaigns.

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