People with little to zero design experience are creating fantastic billboard banners and seeing it light up on their favorite billboard in their town!

You too could have your very own billboard banner made at little to no cost and in just one day.  With Cidewalk, you have the following options for getting your billboard banner:

1. “I have no idea where to start.” Use Cidewalk’s form to add an image or logo and text to create a banner. Your design will look something like this:

2. “I have some design experience.” There are some free or low cost design software services you can use to create a high quality banner. The most typical size of a roadside billboard is 1400×400. Simply create a banner using a service such as Canva, and then upload it during your Cidewalk billboard ad setup. This will give you more of a professional banner look and feel like this:

3. “I don’t have time to create a banner and don’t mind paying a small fee.” You can also have a member of the Cidewalk team design your billboard for you for just $50.