GEO-FENCING – It’s easier than you think and more powerful than you’d expect.

What’s cool about Geo-fencing? Simple. Geofencing technology allows you to target by city, town, zip codes or a specific location with a custom radius set. Whatever suits your business.

What type of businesses can use Geofencing technology? Geofencing is not limited to the size of your business either. Many people are surprised to find out the different ways to use it and how easy it is. 

  • Single location, small business owners can choose a plan that helps them reach local customers.
  • Multi-location businesses can target the areas around all of their business locations with custom geo-fences.
  • Independent Marketing Agencies can also offer the power of geofencing to their clients  with Agency accounts or simply offer their own branded service using Cidewalk’s hosted white-label solutions.

“I have been stressing about doing this Geo-fencing for a few weeks, you made it so easy”  – Staci Grant,

Happy Promoting!
Taylor Brady,
Cidewalk Advertiser Success Specialist

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