Geo Fencing is a great way to target a specific location so the right people can hear about your business.  With the option to set your own radius around an address or target an entire city, the possibilties can be custom tailored to fit your business.

But with all of these options, has come many questions.  Here are the top three questions SMBs are coming to us with about Geo Fencing:

1. Can I really target any location? Set a radius around an address such as your business, other businesses or a busy location and your ad will only reach people on mobile apps in that area you set. Or, to increase your reach, target the whole city or town. (See your ad here).

2. How many locations can I target? There is really no limit to this. Our monthly plans offer the option to target 1 location or 100. See our pricing here

3. Who can use this? Whether you have one business/location, multiple locations around the US or an agency in need of a solution to offer businesses you’re helping, we have options for almost anyone.

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