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“There is amazing talent and work that goes unnoticed, we strive to raise awareness and help share that with a wider audience.” – Gauri Chandna, Co-Founder & Host Foundations TV

Foundations TV is a community media channel spreading inspiration through awareness. We are passionate about spreading positivity and inspiration. There is amazing talent and work that goes unnoticed, we strive to raise awareness and help share that with a wider audience. Our community channel welcomes stories that inspire, stories of inspirational people who lead by example. We interview people who successfully and purposefully manage their passions to produce positive results. We then use social media to effectively radiate messages that influence and motivate.

Our own story is inspired by the power of social media. Whether it is pictures, videos or news blogs, the momentum that builds up when they are shared and liked on the digital media space, holds an incredible amount of power to influence people. There is plenty of negative news that spreads more rapidly than we would like. Foundations TV team is passionate about playing our role in countering the effect of that. We took this to the next level in 2017 to celebrate talent and awarded people who have displayed significant level of dedication in their own respective fields. We held our first Red Carpet Event in 2017 and we plan to have our second and expanded event in April 2018.

Like any new idea, this was unique. Our first and foremost challenge was to convince our viewers that our only motive is to genuinely spread inspiration. Interestingly this was too simple and genuine an idea for people to even believe that we will be able to sustain ourselves just on the basis of our passion. We did not have a traditional ‘money making’ business model. The first couple of years were tough as we worked really hard and had to convince people to share their positive stories with us, for us to share with the world. Everyone thought, we may have a ‘secret agenda’ but eventually over time we built our reputation of sincerity and genuineness and started to get good content through referrals. Along the journey we also found people/businesses who truly believed in us and supported us through sponsorship’s. We evolved as our strengths grew in viewership. We are now an established and trusted online media channel who not only spreads inspiration but rewards it too. 

Currently we offer a web, video and social media platform for communities and businesses to promote their events through us.  

We offer a platform to:
Publish press releases
Promote events and sell tickets
Publish event pictures
Record, edit and publish video interviews with the intent to influence the right audience for the right purpose

In addition, we now have an established marketing services firm that supports us by providing consulting services to businesses for designing and executing their marketing strategy for their target audience. 

🏆 We are currently expanding our 2018 Red Carpet Event design to include wider and more diverse communities to celebrate and award talents from around the world. 

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