Set your Multi-Location ?

Who says your customers are located in just one spot? Limiting your reach could limit your business growth. Now, target multiple locations with hyper targeting geofencing precision  Find out which plan offers you the number of locations you need.  Don’t forget! Every 3rd month FREE with 1-2-FREE from Cidewalk

Your customers are where?

You know where your customers are… they are at events, walking around your business and at competing businesses.  Wherever they are right now, we can help you reach them with Geo-Fencing. GPS enabled hyper-local targeting. Target Local, Target Better, Geo-Target.

GeoFencing Made Easy

“Thank you, I have been stressing about doing  [local advertising with GeoFencing]  for a few weeks, you made it very easy.” -Staci Grant, We made GeoFencing easy for thousands of business owners like Staci. You can now target any location and set a desired radius around your business with geo-fence enabled Read more…