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Not your average bakery 🍞 The Bread Artisans owner Massimo, a native of Avezzano, Italy, combines a passion for artisan baking with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

The Bread Artisans Bakery  started at end of 2001 with the mission to offer handmade breads and pastries for the locals who wanted to transition from a mass-produced standardized product to a handcrafted, natural food. Being an Italian it has been relatively easy to expand my offers to now enjoy pizzas in addition to savory and sweet pastries, cookies and excellent desserts. We only use the finest ingredients: sauces, filling and creams for our pizzas pastries and cakes are made on the premises.

When I first thought about opening my business I relied on 3 things: my knowledge in wood- fired oven construction ( I offer also consulting on the side) bread making know-how and a passion for good food, that’s about it. Having dual citizenship gave me additional help connecting with other bakers and chefs willing to share their recipes and methods to integrate in my business. One of the exciting things was meeting both in Italy and U.S. hard-working bakers and chefs concerned to offer quality products to their customers and not just driven by profit.

Massimo Maviglia, The Bread Artisan

It was important that we find the right employees interested in our revolutionary new way of baking breadsOur process of leavening and baking was a new concept to our customers and I remember even the local inspector of the department of agriculture was amazed when he first heard of fermented breads.

I was lucky to have financial help in the beginning from my family. This was important since money can be a challenge for newly starting small and medium business. My Masters degree in Management did certainly offer some guidance but contingency planning it’s a process that is learned by experience.

🦃Thanksgiving specials!  Order now through November 21th 2:30 PM:
Classic Flourless Chocolate Cake ($18.00)
Pumpkin Pie (14.00)
6 Assorted pastries (15.00)

The Bread Artisans Bakery is an Italian Artisan Bakery where Fresh Breads and Pastries are Handmade Daily
6925 4th Street North Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702
Phone: 727-914-8959

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