Should you promote your business brand or an offer?

As a business there are all kinds of ways to promote your products and services, but what really gets the attention of the users you’re trying to attract?

What we see businesses do most often is promote their brand or business name. This strategy can help spread the word that you exist near them. The next popular choice is to promote a sale or offer. This can help peak the users attention, people like to hear about deals. While both have their place, which method do we recommend?

Actually, Neither! 
Our recommendation for promoting your business on mobile is to use a solution based approach. By clearly answering the question “how does this help me” you’ll get the user’s attention:

Recommended: Solution-based Ad Title: “Save your home”
Description: “Get your roof checked for leaks before disaster happens”

This type of ad speaks to the user on a personal level. Even if they didn’t need their roof fixed at that moment, you may get them to remember your business when they do need you in the future.

Create your solution based ad now and get the attention of people near you.