Banner ads vs. Text based ads – what’s the difference and when should your business use them?

A banner or static image ad can be seen on almost every website or mobile app you’ve been on and businesses who use them do so to create brand awareness with images and often a tag line:

Text based banner ads have more text involved letting the costomer know more information about who they are, what they offer and often include a call to action. Text based ads by Cidewalk dynamically move/scroll through your information catching the users attention:

Both types of advertising can help your business make a big impact near you. The good news is you can advertise both ways with Cidewalk!

Our easy-to-use ad creator can help you generate your own text banner ad in minutes hereHave your own banner media? Simply send it to us and we will add it for you!

(support banner ad sizes: 320×50, 300×250, 728×90)