Offer a personalized, instant customer support experience without the hassle of talking on the phone. With TXT-LINK, you can offer privacy-enabled text messaging and elevate your customer support game. Anytime. Anywhere.

Why businesses love it:

  • No need for a separate phone.
  • All messages go right to any cell phone you choose to link it to.
  • Your personal cell number stays private.
  • No software or app download needed.
  • No seperate support system to log into and track.

Why your customers will love it:

  • No need to call and wait on hold for the next available representitive.
  • No emailing and waiting days for a response.
  • No need to be stuck on your website web chat window.
  • They can text you on the move!

Happy Promoting!
Geo the Fox,
Cidewalk GeoFencing Expert