​At Cidewalk, we care about your business growing, even if it’s not with us. In addition to using Mobile Ads and Digital Billboard advertising to reach people, here are 10 effective and affordable ways your business can boost sales this holiday season!

  1. Social Media Campaigns: Utilize platforms like Facebook & Instagram, to engage with your audience. Holiday-themed posts, contests, and special offers can attract attention and drive sales.
  2. Email Marketing: Send out holiday-themed newsletters with exclusive offers, gift ideas, and festive greetings to your email list. This personal touch can encourage repeat business and attract new customers.
  3. Content Marketing: Create holiday-themed blog posts or videos that provide value to your audience. Gift guides, holiday tips, or festive recipes related to your business can draw traffic to your website.
  4. Local Events and Sponsorships: Participate in or sponsor local holiday events. This can include local markets, parades, or charity events, which can increase your visibility within the community.
  5. Collaborations with Other Businesses: Partner with complementary local businesses for cross-promotion. Bundle products or services, or offer joint discounts to broaden your customer base.
  6. Loyalty Programs and Customer Rewards: Offer special holiday rewards or extra points for your existing loyalty program. This encourages repeat business and can attract new customers looking for holiday deals.
  7. Google My Business Optimization: Update your Google My Business listing with holiday hours, special offers, and festive photos. This helps in attracting local customers searching online for products or services like yours.
  8. ​In-Store Decor and Promotions: For brick-and-mortar stores, festive decorations can attract foot traffic. Offering in-store only promotions can also encourage customers to visit.
  9. ​Online Directories and Listings: Ensuring your business is listed on relevant online directories (like Google My Business, Yelp, and industry-specific directories) can improve visibility.
  10. Webinars and Online Workshops: Hosting educational or informative webinars can attract and engage a relevant audience. This builds your brand’s authority and can lead to conversions.

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